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Have any questions? Heres our FAQ!

Can you help with package designs?

Yes! We will be happy to make suggestions or, for bigger projects, we can offer you the services of our design team to collaborate with you on a custom packaging solution. Our in-house drop test lab can also help you pass UPS requirements and ensure a well-engineered solution.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is free in the greater L.A. area with a $500 order.

What are the minimums?

We can offer as little as one sheet of a standard size at low cost.  Cutting and fabrication labor charges start at $25 and computer programming starts at $100.  Industrial customers seeking a prototype can contact our sales department for free engineering assistance.

What types of foam do you carry?

Advanced Foam stocks one of the largest selections of foam in California. We stock EPS, polyethylene and urethane in a variety of densities and offer specialty foams when needed. If there is a specific material you are looking for just email or call (310) 515-0466 and we will be happy to assist you. We do not, however, sell any liquid foams. We also do not sell gym mats, although we do stock the polyethylene foam that most mats are made from.

Do you make molded foam products?

No. Molds generally run $10,000, so we offer fabricated solutions in order to avoid mold costs.

What is your turnaround?

As fast as you need it!  To avoid a rush charge please give us a few days.

When do you suggest one foam over another?

In package design we seek the lowest cost solution.  This often involves EPS, which is why you see it used so often.  It is really a marvelously versatile and economical material.  When the product is of very high value and zero damage is of high importance, such as aerospace parts, polyethylene foam is the gold standard. For a more detailed explanation of foam selection please refer to our foam selection guide or give us a call.

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