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Polyethylene Foams Provide Multiple-Impact Protection.

Ethafoam is a type of foam that is clean, resilient and very durable. With a wide range of densities, flexibility for fabrication, and cosmetic appeal, polyethylenes have a diverse application base. They providing multiple-impact protection and are often less expensive than other materials. Polyethylenes are exceptionally durable and, where applicable, can be reused. Polyethylene foams are available in a variety of strengths, making them suitable for protecting products ranging from just a few pounds up to hundreds of pounds in weight. When the product is of very high value and zero damage is key, such as with aerospace parts, polyethylenes are the gold standard.

These closed cell foams come in a wide range of thicknesses and varying densities, the most common being 1.2#, 1.7#, and 2.2#. Please visit our foam selection guide to see if polyethylene is right for you.

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